Clean, ethical and delicious, some of the reasons we use Niulife.


Some products deserve your love because they are great and some deserve your love because of the company ethos. Well the folks at Niulife are the double-banger. Their products get our five star rating and so does their ethics.

We use Niulife' incredible organic coconut milk powder in our Mac N Cheez range. The quality of the milk powder is superior to its competitors, organic, creamy and clean.

But that is not the whole reason as to why we choose to include Niulife as part of our stellar ingredient line up. As Niulife likes to say, they are "100% Not-For-Gloss Goodness". Giving pack 100% of sales profit back to the villages that make their oil. All ingredients are organic certified and ethically source from family-owned producers giving back to local communities.

Pop over to Niulife and read their story.


Niulife Coconut Milk powder