Plantasy Foods Vegan Omelette Mix


Plantasy Foods Vegan Omelette Mix


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Product description

Make perfect plant based quiche, frittata, omelette, tarts and more.

To make quiche: Add 600ml plant based milk + 2 tbls oil, whisk until smooth then pour into prepared pastry shell or baking dish with chosen veggies and ingredients. Bake for approx 30 mins then cool for 10 mins to allow to set.

To make omelette: Whisk 3 tbls egg mix + 5 tbls plant based milk. Pour into heated non-stick pan and cook for 2 minutes, flip and cook for 1 min. Add fillings, fold over and serve.

1 BOX Savoury Egg Mix is equivalent to 12 JUMBO EGGS!

Ingredients: tapioca starch, white lupin flour, nutritional yeast, pea protein, psyllium, garlic powder, modified cellulose (E461), kala namak (black salt), carrot powder (100% carrot juice), baking powder.



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