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About Us

The Real Good Food Group is a place several brands like to call home.

In 2010 we welcomed The Gluten Free Food Co with a range of 8 premium gluten free bake mixes and flour blends. All the Gluten Free Food Co products are pretty ground breaking as they are created using whole flours and seed meals, no nut meal, organic ingredients and are totally plant based.

Monica, our recipe developer, is coeliac and sensitive to dairy and eggs. Her daughter, Emma, is allergic to dairy and eggs and sensitive to gluten. (you can read all about Monica’s gluten free journey here, it’s a good story)

Fran, our creative director has a large family including one nut-free kid, wears several hats and is always in a rush, so she's open to exploring packet mixes, she’s not keen on having to add heaps of fancy ingredients or serving up rubbish.

The brief during R&D was this…the mixes had to be gluten, dairy, egg and nut free, minimal additions required, easy to make, very adaptable and delicious. So that’s just what Monica did.  She also packed them full of nutrient dense organic ingredients so everyone is for they own kids to enjoy them. And Australia loves them. And New Zealand loves them.

A few years later, the range expanded to include 3 best-selling Protein Patty mixes, the first of their kind to market in Australia.  Based on top quality Australian lupin, they are high protein, low carb, just add water, insanely versatile mixes. Gluten-free- whole-food-plant-based 🌿GFWFPB 🤩 became our pillar and everything since has grown around this.

In 2017 we released a fun little product called Vegan Mac n Cheez – GFWFPB and only 7 natural, quality ingredients. Great macros  Eye catching packaging  
And the crowd went WILD! Within a week the orders went from 600 units to 10,000 units. People are mad for HEALTHY convenient plant based foods. It was the start of something big.

Soon, we welcomed another brand to Real Good Food Group – Plantasy Foods. The Mac n Cheez and the Protein Patty joined Plantasy in its quest to champion nutritious, delicious, gluten free plant based convenience foods. Plantasy Foods now has 18 products in the range and loads more on the horizon. Because if we’re going to enjoy all the goodness a plant based diet has to offer, we’re sure as heck not filling up with rubbish ingredients, mock foods and mystery meats!

Stay tuned…this is only the beginning.