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Cookbook 3 Pack Bundle

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An eclectic compilation of wholefoods recipes that honour a wide range of dietary preferences. These options fit into on-trend categories such as vegan, raw and gluten-free. However, Monica’s recipes are devised to last the ages with classic creations that are staples in a good cook’s repertoire. Regardless of nutritional constitution, all her recipes are utterly delicious and bursting with flavour. When you create a recipe from this book with local organic food, you can nourish your health, create lasting memories around the table and support the livelihood of your local farmers.

  • Coeliac and Gluten Free Recipes
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes
  • Paleo Food Recipes
  • Wholefood & Raw Food Diet Recipes

3 pack includes:

FRESH food for warm weather 

WARM Food for cool weather

SHARE Food for family and friends