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5 Ways Thai Protein Patty Mix

5 Ways Thai Protein Patty Mix

It’s easy to change up your recipe repertoire with a few ideas and a packet of Thai Protein Patty mix.

Thai ‘Fishcake’ Style

Add chopped fresh green beans and some fresh coriander to the wet mix. Shape into 15 small, flat cakes and fry in a little oil in a pan. Serve with a quick and easy dipping sauce made with 2 tablespoons each of sweet chilli sauce, cider or white vinegar and water. Serve with fresh mint and crunchy lettuce leaves.


Sunbutter Satay Sticks

Roll mixture into 15 small balls and thread onto skewers. Cook on the BBQ or in a shallow fry pan with a little oil, rolling to brown all sides. Cook slowly to ensure the balls are cooked through. Make our creamy Sunbutter Sauce and serve on steamed rice with fresh cucumber, herbs, lime wedges and extra sauce to dollop.

Laksa with Rice Noodles & Thai Balls

Make a warming bowl of rich, fragrant laksa soup like the amazing recipe from Richa  and add 3-4 Thai Protein Patty balls per serve.  Add a big handful of fresh raw green leaves, more coriander and chilli to taste. We like to use kelp noodles or bean thread vermicelli as they soak up the flavours without adding any extra carbs.  This is a hearty meal that also delivers high fibre and protein that is sooo satisfying.

Simple Lunchbox Salad 

Thai Patties are perfect with a crunchy fresh salad for lunch. Toss together mung bean sprouts, coriander, mint, mesclun lettuce eaves, shredded snow peas and toasted sesame seeds. Make a quick dressing with sesame oil, tamari and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Add to your lunchbox with 4-5 patties and lunch is ready.

Ruby Red Salad

When radishes are in season we can’t resist the ruby round bunches and often buy them just because they look so darn cute! This salad is the product of one such shopping trip and has become a late winter favourite. Slice a heap of fresh red radish, red onion and Pink Lady apples and toss with red micro herbs like shiso and blood basil. Make a dressing with a big spoonful of cultured cashew cheese like the gorgeous one from Kehoes Kitchen, olive oil, apple juice, salt and pepper whisked until smooth. Serve with Thai Protein Patties – the fragrant coconut flavours work really well with the hot/tangy/sweet/salty salad.