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BEHIND THE SCENES | Product Photo Shoot

BEHIND THE SCENES | Product Photo Shoot


What many people don't realise is that The Real Good Food Group and its industry leading brands Gluten Free Food Co, Plantasy Foods and Freedom Road are run solely by two incredible woman, Fran Leman and Monica Topliss.

Managing Director, Monica tends to be our spotlight lady. She will be the person in front of the camera and on the back of cook book panels. And 99% of the time if you see a shot of one of our delicious recipes with someone holding it, it will be Monica.

The person taking the photo is Fran or as we like to call her, Our Creative Director! Fran works quietly behind the scenes, she is the creator, quite literally. Packaging, promotional material and beautiful food imagery is all created by Fran.

Like so many creatives, we can't seem to get an actual photo of her, preferring to be the photographer rather than the subject, so you will just have to imagine what this 'little unicorn' looks like.. the best I could do is a slice of her ear whilst she was doing her latest photo shoot for "The Good Soup" and a sneaky office shot whilst styling.


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